RULES AND CODE OF CONDUCT SEASON 2016 – 2017 Parents/Carers

To become a member of MJIHC, the parent/guardian must read and sign the attached declaration; in doing so you agree to fully abide by the rules herein. It is central to the smooth running of the club that all players and their families understand and respect these rules and regulations. The clubs Registration Secretary will retain the signed confirmation. Please keep the copy of this document for your reference. There will also be a copy displayed on our notice board at Murrayfield Ice Rink and on MJIHC website. This document may be subject to change throughout the season, however all members will be notified of these changes and provided with any updated copy at that time.
SIH-UK is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its members. The organisation believes that it is important that parents associated with clubs should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others.
All SIH-UK clubs and teams should offer a positive experience for children and young people and where they can learn new things in a safe and positive environment. Parents/Carers are expected to abide by the following code of conduct:

Parents/Carers are expected to:
1.Positively reinforce their child and show an interest in their chosen activity.
2.Not to place their child under pressure or push them into activities they do not want to do.
3.Complete and return the Registration, Medical and Consent Form pertaining to their child’s participation with “Name of Club, Team or Event” (see parental consent).
4.Deliver and collect their child punctually before and after sessions/games/events.
5.Ensure their child has clothing appropriate to the weather conditions
6.Ensure that proper sportswear and protective equipment are worn. Any child not in possession of the fundamental requirements will not be permitted to participate.
7.Detail any relevant medical concerns or conditions pertaining to their child on the registration/consent form. Any changes in the state of the child’s health should be reported to the coach/manager/event staff prior to the activity.
8.To inform the organiser prior to the activity starting if their child is to be collected early.
9.Encourage their child to play by the rules, and teach them that they can only do their best.
10.Turn defeat into victory by helping their child work towards skill improvement and good sportsmanship
11.Behave responsibly at the rink side; never ridicule or yell at their child for making a mistake or losing a competition; not to embarrass their child.
12.Recognise that verbal abuse or unsportsmanlike conduct, from a parent at any time in their home ice rink or at an away venue is unacceptable.
13.Show appreciation and support for the coach/club/event staff and for the opposition.
14.Ensure their child is punctual.
15.Be realistic and supportive.
16.Ensure their child has appropriate showering equipment, plus adequate food and drink.
17.Accept the official’s judgment and do not attempt to access the ice surface
18.Actively provide feedback via the Manager. To bring any issues to the attention of the coaches, approach the Manager after the match or training session. Ensure that the player is not present at such discussions.
19.Ensure that their child plays in a safe and healthy environment. Support a sports environment that is free of alcohol, drugs or tobacco and refrain from their use at all youth sports events.
20.Promote their child’s participation in playing sport for fun.
As a parents/carer you have the right to:
•Know your child is safe.
•Be informed of problems or concerns relating to your children.
•Have your consent sought for issue such as trips or photography.
•Contribute to decisions within the club.
•Have any concerns you have about any aspect of your child’s welfare listened to responded to.

Any breaches of this code of conduct will be dealt with immediately by a Club official. Persistent concerns or breaches will result in a parent being asked not to attend games if their attendance is considered detrimental to the welfare of young participants.

The ultimate action should a parent/carer continue to breach the code of behaviour may be the club officials regrettably asking the parent/carer not to attend games and/or training and club activities and asking the child to leave the session, event or club.

Club Membership
1.Prospective members must complete all necessary registration, application and payment forms, read and sign this document and ensure all relevant payment are made before their membership can be confirmed and they are allowed on to the ice.
2.The member agrees to keep their registration and monthly subscription fees up to date. All monthly fees are to be paid on or before the 25th of each Calendar month starting August 2016 and last payment to be made will be on 25th March 2017. Access to the ice will be refused should non-payment of fees go beyond one month in arrears. Please note that due to a number of Saturdays not being available for training due to Games, Rugby etc the fees are calculated on the cost of training on Tuesdays only.

3.All payments should be made by Standing Order or Transfer with Digital Banking to the Bank details below, If this is however not possible please speak with the Treasurer of the Club to seek authority to pay by cash or cheque. Please ensure Childs name is reference for payment.

Royal Bank of Scotland, 36 St Andrew Sq Edinburgh, EH2 2YB
Sort Code – 83-06-08
Account No – 12795400
Reference – Please give bank players name as reference.

Even if you pay by cash/cheque you still need to pay for the whole month, even if your child is off sick/holiday on a training day. However, if your child is injured and cannot train for a number of weeks then please let your manager know and they will advise the Committee who will give authority for payment to be stopped till player is able to start training again. Non-payment of fees could result in membership of the club being withdrawn. Please note rules of SIH UK below:

Each club is solely responsible for collecting ice fees from Players and Officials in a timely manner. The maximum proven debts relating to ice fees should be no more than:
(i) Ice fees collected weekly – 2 weeks
(ii) Ice fees collected monthly – 1 month
(iii) Ice fees collected by season – 1 month.

No transfer documents will be processed to or from MJIHC until the player’s liability to his outgoing club is cleared.

Team strip issued to players remains the property of MJIHC, unless specified otherwise, in writing, by a club official.

Ice schedules, fixtures and other details may change at short notice. Regularly check the club notice board and website for update information.

Club Officials

The club is run by a Committee, which is elected annually at the AGM and includes co-opted members from the Edinburgh Capitals. There are also managers and coaches linked to each squad. They are all there to help you play and enjoy ice hockey. If you need to know anything, please ask them. A list of officials is available on the club notice board and website.

Child Protection

MJIHC considers Child Protection to be of paramount importance. The club has its own Child Protection Officer (CPO), currently John Fraser. MJIHC are governed by the SIHL child protection policy, a copy of which can be accessed via the SIHL website or in hard copy format by request to one of the Committee.
These guidelines are for the safety of both children and adults. They minimise risk either of abuse or wrongly alleged abuse.

Anti-Bullying Policy

It is the aim of Murrayfield Junior Ice Hockey Club (MJIHC) to create a safe and fun environment to develop the player’s potential whilst fulfilling our members’ enjoyment in their ice hockey experience. We also strive to provide opportunities for players to achieve their potential whilst building on and developing fundamental skills, improve general well-being and confidence.

MJIHC will not tolerate any form of bullying or bullish behaviour which undermines the concentration/confidence of another member. This includes the following:

• Racial comments/behaviour
• Sexual comments/behaviour
• Verbal abuse i.e., name calling, exclusion etc
• Physical bullying i.e., hitting, kicking etc

Incidents of bullying will be dealt with instantaneously either by the Committee or Child Protection Officer (CPO). Any complaints of bullying will be recorded by one of the above named persons, taking into account the views from all relevant parties.
All parties will be involved in deciding the outcomes/actions in agreement with the Committee and/or CPO, the aim of which is to resolve the situation in line and adherence to the Clubs code of conduct. All warnings will be appropriate to the offender and eligible for appeal via the CPO if there are any concerns.
In the event that issues cannot be resolved to a satisfactory conclusion, then the offender may be excluded from the Club. The final decision in this situation will be made by the Committee.

Managers and/or coaches will deal with minor discipline issues. Major issues or complaints against members are to be referred to the Committee and will be dealt with by the Child Protection Officer, Head coach and if relevant a member of the Committee. Members who believe they have been disciplined unfairly are entitled to a hearing with the CPO, Head Coach and Committee, and if it is a player, in the presence of their parents or guardians.

Training & Games
• Training ice time is at a premium, so makes sure your child is always ready to take to the ice in plenty of time. Coaches may refuse access to any player who is late.
• Although the Committee will endeavour to keep training times and days to those confirmed at the beginning of the season, it may be necessary to change times and days or have additional training days added at short notice. This will be done only after taking into account what benefits the majority of members. Also, although we try and have as much training as possible on a Saturday, it can often be sporadic due to Games for other age groups; major Rugby games etc that is why our fees are calculated on the Tuesday training sessions.

•Encourage your child to use the many skating sessions at the rink to develop their skating out with hockey training. This increases their skating ability and allows the Coach to concentrate on ice hockey skills/training during training sessions.
•On match days and training days entry to the rink is 11.30 & 16.00 on the Saturday and from 16.15 on Tuesdays.
•Away fixture transport is not included in subscription fees. Team managers will decide each squad’s travel policy in conjunction with parents and players at the start of each season.
•When coach travel has been arranged for away fixtures always be at the rendezvous point in plenty of time. On the coach, ensure your child behaves in an appropriate manner and follow instructions of the Club official and/or bus driver. When making your own way, make sure your Manager has a mobile phone number for you and make sure you have theirs. This way you can contact them in case of delays. Remember it is better to be early than late.
•“No train – No game”. Players are expected to train regularly at scheduled times. Failure to attend practices, not informing the Coach/Manager of absence may result in a player being excluded from games. This will be at the Coach’s discretion.
•Where off-ice team clothing has been issued members should wear it to and from Club games.
•The SIH-UK insist that players must not train or play, wearing any form of jewellery, particularly earrings. We would ask that parents/guardians ensure that all jewellery is removed before going on the ice. If a child goes on to train and is found wearing jewellery the Coach/Manager will ask them to leave the ice to remove it (1st time only). If they continue to turn up to training wearing jewellery they will not be allowed to train for the rest of the session.
•By signing this document you are agreeing to allow a representative of MJIHC to video your child at training sessions and games. This will be used for analysis purposes retained strictly by MJIHC.

•Coaches will decide on the amount of game time each player gets based on the Coaches’ assessment during training. Ice hockey is a team sport. The Coaches will decide how the match is conducted on behalf of the team – not the individual players or parents. Players may get more/less ice time than others, parents and players alike must accept these variations. It is club policy to encourage the development of ALL players, but this does not extend to allocating equal ice time, either in specific games or in general.
This also stands for those players who are asked to train up an age group. A player who is awarded the privilege of playing up will have proven themselves on their ability, but the Coach will also take into account their behaviour and attitude. This also stands for players who are asked to play up in a game.
The Coach from the age group the player belongs to and the Coach from the next age group should make a joint decision on those players who are asked to train/play up. However, this privilege can be revoked, either for one session or more if the players’ attitude or behaviour is unacceptable. Coaches must not allow players to train/play up who fall into this category, especially if they are showing these unsatisfactory behaviours in their own age group.

Parental Participation/Fundraising
MJIHC is run entirely on a ‘not for profit’ basis with every task carried out by dedicated volunteers. Ice hockey is an expensive sport to play. MJIHC does everything possible to keep it affordable. The Club is not a child minding service and we expect all parents to play their part in helping to run it. We need help in putting out nets, benches, goals etc., for training and home games and clearing it away afterwards, if required. We need people to operate the scoreboard or clock, training will be given. So if you are not already helping, please talk to your Manager and ask how you can.
Also part of our Annual Finance Plan involves every team raising funds. There will be fund raising events for the whole club, and some fund raising per team. We aim to make fund raising projects as enjoyable as possible. Your Committee/Managers will update you on what is being planned and what is expected of you and your child, so please enter into the spirit of this with enthusiasm. The more parents that are involved, the stronger the Club will be, and the better the on-ice experience members will have.

Medical Information
It is the responsibility of the player and parent/guardian to make their Manager or Coach aware of any medical conditions. This information should also be provided on the Medical Form at the start of each season. If there are any changes throughout the season, then you should remember to update your Coach and Manager accordingly.

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