Minutes of AGM

Murrayfield Junior Ice Hockey Club

Wednesday 14th June – Riversdale Suite 6.30 – 8.30 pm

In attendance – committee

Allan Ward – chair, Emma Craig – secretary, Lee Saunders – registrations, Russell Robles-Thome – Treasurer, Michelle Troup – fundraising, Ian Haddock – fixtures, Mark Hay – head coach

Also present Gavin Ryalls who has been helping with charity proposal.

In attendance – members

Graham Rodger, Dave Brown, Steven Watson, Claire Hudson, Mark James, Scott Nicol, Andrew Trainer, Sharon Nichol, Andy Holmes, Scott Kay, Alison Lyndsay, Jon Clark, Daniel Ferguson, Mr Lee Saunders, Marc Guerriot, Crerar Adams, John Ireland, Caroline Astor, Craig Thomson, Guy Saunders, Ted Hall, Steven Young, Sheena Young, Laura Barton, Gregor Ball, Donald Ball

Welcome and Apologies

Allan welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Apologies received from A and T Blue, D Gallagher, F Reid, F Adams, C Hastings, J Fraser, M Deans, A Stewart.

Charity Proposal

Allan introduced Gavin to the members and explained that he has been helping the committee with information regarding the possibility of becoming a charity.  A handout had previously bee emailed to everyone in the club outlining the process for becoming a charity and the different types available.  The committee have narrowed the possibilities down to a Company Ltd by guarantee or a SCIO.

The following questions were raised –

Guy Saunders – To be a charity do we not need to do something charitable?                                            Gavin – yes – we would need to be accepted on to the charities register and ‘tick’ the 12 boxes required.  The definition of a charity changed in 2006 and regulations were tightened up.  However Ayr Bruins are a charity so no reason MJIHC couldn’t be.

Scott Kay – what would we need to do compared to what we do now?                                                        Gavin – nothing different                                                                                                                                                  Scott Kay – would we need to accept non paying members?                                                                                     Gavin – No                                                                                                                                                                         Scott Kay – sessions are already busy, would we need to accept any new applications for membership?                                                                                                                                                         Russell RT – Ayr Bruins don’t appear to have issues whereby they have to accept all people so no reason to think any different.                                                                                                                                              Scott Kay – do we have a list of pros and cons?  Ayr Bruins had dwindling numbers which might be why they did it – do we know charity rules?                                                                                                                     Steven Watson – what’s the motivation behind becoming a charity?                                                                        Russell RT – been looking into this all year – originally thought of a CASC for tax advantages but the Michelle Troup suggested charity.  Ayr Bruins appear to be doing well financially.  No ice hockey clubs are CASCs.               Scott Kay – is it just for money because if so can we not look at sponsorship like Fife do?                               Gavin – yes 2 main ways to be viable – be popular so get sponsorship etc or be charitable.                                Scott Kay – companies might prefer to sponsor an organisation that is working hard and achieving not one who is a charity and asking for donations.

Tax advantages of being a charity e.g. can get gift aid on donations etc. 

Steven Watson – do companies get tax relief for donating?                                                                     Gavin – can be tax deductable depending on circumstances.                                       

Claire Hudson – do we have to comply with equal opportunities which could become a safety issue with people on the ice?                                                                                                Gavin – no not necessarily.    Need to word constitution carefully.

Committee are proposing to begin the process to become a SCIO by completing the paperwork which should help provide the answers the members need.  This would just be a primary exploration and would not commit the club to anything.

Dave Brown advised that he was involved in a climbing club that were a charity – in effect nothing changed with the way the club operated and the members saw no great difference in the operation.  Being a charity allowed them to get lottery funding for new kit. 

Steven Young said that a charity doesn’t have to be all inclusive and that for insurance purposes we would never have to allow people on the ice who weren’t safe to be there. The charity could be there to provide a service to the members.

Jon Clark advised that Borroughmuir Rugby club is a SCIO so we could talk to them.

Russell raised that as it stands the club is not a legal entity so we cannot own anything or sue be sued etc.  At the moment anyone on the committee is legally responsible for the club and could be sued.

A vote was held with the unanimous result being that we explore this option.

Action – Committee to explore further and hold an EGM with all members in August to discuss findings and make a final decision. 

Treasurer update

The closing balance is £3,913.13 higher than the opening balance for the year.  This is mainly due to the increase in entry fee.  Arrears are currently £1,300, half of which is owed by one person.  Anyone not making payments towards arrears will not be allowed to register for next season. 

Richard has advised that rink fees will possibly go up by about 3% next year.  If we retain the same number of players as this year the club do not intend to raise fees.  This will need to be monitored. 

Registrations made a loss this year so the additional £10 charged on top of SIH registration fee was not enough.  Next season it will be £15.  SIH fee is probably going up by £5 too but will be confirmed at SIH AGM. 

Daniel Ferguson asked why we are the second dearest club but the kids get the least ice time. 

This led to a discussion on fundraising and getting new members.  Andy Holmes said that it’s everyone’s responsibility to look at this. 

Claire Hudson asked why the u10s were not allowed a sponsor on shirts when the u20s have one? Scott Nicol then raised that u10s only have one strip when everyone else has 2.

Allan said that the u10s can order a red strip and if we can get a sponsor to give £250 they can get their company name on it the same way as u20s have. Scott said they need to be lighter material and Allan had no issues with this.

Action – Emma Craig to liaise with u10s to get a sponsor and order strips before next season.

It was also raised about the strips not having the players names on them.  This would need to be changed at club level and is a massive undertaking.


There was a full schedule this year with only one game being missed.  This was a game at Dundee which they forgot about and tried to reschedule too late.  There have been some issues trying to get enough ice time.  Some has been found on a Sunday recently.  This may be worse next year as a few new teams join or rejoin the leagues at each age group.

Scott Kay suggested using ice time at Stirling.  Allan said that Murrayfield will never play home games at Stirling but wouldn’t rule out training there. Mark Hay said the issue is coaches time – they mostly live and work in Edinburgh so asking them to travel to Stirling isn’t going to work. They already give a lot of time to the club.  Ian said they will continue to look at ice utilisation especially around using ice time after matches.

Coaches update

All age groups finished mid table which shows a degree of progress.   Mark has various ideas for the future to help all players develop on and off the ice. Generally numbers in each squad are good.  Part of the plans are classroom sessions and working on natural progression between each age group. 

U10 Scott Nicol

Under 9s came second at Sam Wallace tournament playing a very young team of 4-8 year olds.  The young guys played every 3rd shift same as everyone else to give them experience.  Played 10 full ice games this season – won 7 of them.  Had a squad of 23 this year but drops to 17 next season and then 12.  Really need new recruits.

U12 Mark Hay

Good season with only 3 second year players.  The 1st years had transitioned to full ices the previous season which worked well. 

U14 Stevie Francey

Finished 1 place lower than his target.  Very pleased with the team he has who have worked hard all season.  They are really enjoying the off ice training as well.  The team loved tournament at Billingham.

Stevie raised that he is happy to do any school visits to try and raise the profile of the club – anyone interested to let him know.

U16s Daniel Ferguson

The 16s were good at home this season but struggled away.  It was a season of ups and downs with it being a big jump from u14s.  The players have learned a lot with 3 making the National squad.  Won spirit of the game at Billingham.

U20s Mark Hay

It was a tough season with some issues with discipline.  As an fairly inexperienced team they did well to get a mid table finish.

Mark mentioned he will be running some power skating sessions over the summer.


No problems this year. Registration night will be set for next season.


Over the season £1600 was raised through fundraising. 

Coaches for 2017/18

U10 – Scott Nicol                                                                                                                                                       U12 – Mark Hay                                                                                                                                                         U14 – Stevie Francey                                                                                                                                            U16 – Steven Young                                                                                                                                                  U20 – Daniel Ferguson

Managers will announced in due course.  Ian Haddock advised that manager role will be changing slightly due to SIHA changes to their system.  Managers will now be responsible for uploading the gamesheets.  This takes around 40 mins and must be done by 5pm Monday.  If not there are fines and possible removal from league.

New committee

Head coach – Mark Hay  – proposed Dave Brown – Seconded Scott Nicol

Registrations – Lee Saunders – proposed Allison Lindsay – Seconded Sharon Nichol

Secretary – Emma Craig – proposed Scott Nicol – seconded Claire Hudson

Treasurer – Russell Robles –Thome – proposed John Ireland – seconded – Andy Holmes

Fundraiser – Michelle Troup – proposed – Andy Homes – Seconded – Caroline

Fixtures – Ian Haddock – proposed Dave Brown – seconded – Scott Nicol

Allan Ward has stood down as chairman.  A new chair will be appointed at the EGM in August. 

Action – EC to get any names for volunteers 2 weeks before

Chair update

SIHA have announces that parents will no longer be allowed in changing rooms – no exceptions.  This applies at training and games.  Each age group will have a few PVGd people who can go in and help.  U10s will need the most help.  Andy Trainer and Claire Hudson have volunteered as they have the youngest children in the club.

A fire register will need to be signed at each training session.  For u16s this must be done by parents/guardian. Over 16s can sign themselves in.  All u10s must have a parent or guardian at the rink with them for all sessions.

The club is looking for a social media person to take control of the website, facebook and twitter.  This wont be a committee position.  They should also try and get game reports/photos for the Edinburgh News.

We are looking to set up a Fundraising group with at least one representative from each team.  If interested speak to Michelle Troup. 

Also looking for a sponsorship group.  We have a document which Marc Guerriott has produced.

We need recruitment person ideally from the u10/12 age groups.  They will act as a point of contact in the rink for any new or potential new members.

Positions for next season – Lee Saunders will step down from registrations at end of 2017/18 season.  Whoever takes over would benefit greatly from shadowing her in august to learn the new online system.  The same applies for Russell Robles-Thome and John Fraser who is the child Protection Officer.


1 – Coaches get no recompense for the work they do – could we put up fees to pay coaches.

Coaches present said no – they have no issues not getting paid and do not want to see fees go up.

2 – Can Learn To Play move to better time?

We are bound by time constraints at the rink

3 – Can we stop entry fees and find other means to raise money?

Allan said this ties in to fundraising/sponsorship etc.  If we can raise the £8k brought in by entry fees then they could be waived.

4 – Allan raised the proposal that the Head Coach, chairman and CPO roles change from a one year to three year tenure.  All were in agreement and this will be looked at at the EGM.

5 – Some people are happy to help but don’t want to join committee – can committee be reduced to 3-5 people?

Lee Saunders advised that the committee positions we have (except fundraiser) are required by SIHA.

SIHA AGM is 25th June.

Allan finished the meeting by saying that it is the parents responsibility to ensure that the club is a good place to be.  There should be no bitching and gossiping as it’s a small club so it causes divides. If there continue to be issues with this the coaches have discussed banning the parents from attending. 

Dave Brown asked if there is a recognised complaints procedure.  Allan said any complaints should first be raised with a team manager who can escalate to the coach if necessary.  It can then go to Head coach and committee if needed.  Mark Hay asked that parents watch what ‘coaching’ they are giving their kids as it could be going against what they are trying to teach.