Committee – Lynne Clark – Chairperson, Michelle Paterson – Secretary, John Ireland – Fixtures Secretary, Alison Lindsay – Treasurer, Lee Saunders – Registration Secretary, Allan Ward – Head Coach.

Coaches – Mark Hay, Daniel Ferguson, Steve Francey, Dwayne Pascal, Scott Nicol, Alex Stewart, Martin Cingel. Graham Rodger.

Members – Lee Saunders, Jacqui Nicol, Emma Craig, John Fraser, Anne Marie Hastings, Marc Guerriot, Joan Walker, Des Gallagher, Penelope Ireland, Sheena Young, Stevie Young, Hamish Simpson, Fiona Adams, Graham Nicol, Hazel Lee, Dean Walker, Lorna Greenwood, Dave Deans, Marie Deans, Russell Robles-Thome, Crerar Adams, Margaret Finlayson, Gavin Finlayson, Ted Hall.


Graeme & Caroline Borwick, Andy Holmes, Laura Barton, Alan Barton, Marc Guerriot, Les Amos, Hazel Hyslop, Jennifer Hardie, Liz Rafferty, Ian Haddock, Ivan Terziev sent their apologies.

Previous Minutes

Previous AGM minutes were approved, and accepted as a true record.

Chairperson Update

For Clarity – Ian Haddock had put his name forward for Fixtures Secretary on the understanding that he would accept this position providing no other candidates put their name forward as the club have a one person one job policy, where possible. Everyone was asked to consider this position and advise when voting came up should anyone wish to take it.

The Chair thanked everyone for attending this year’s AGM, confirming this has been her final year as Chairperson.

Having been on the committee for 5 years the club has developed and made good progress over this time.

It has been very pleasing to see such good parents and children in the club, and thanked everyone involved in the day to day running.

The importance of all club members participating cannot be stressed enough. Ice Hockey is an expensive sport with large costs including ice time and insurance etc. This cannot be paid for by fees alone and fundraising is a vital part of maintaining the club financially. It appears that the same people are making great efforts, while others in the club are not prepared to help out with fundraising. It has been decided, going forward, if this year’s fundraising does not prove successful, the club will have to increase fees for all and stop fundraising so it is fair on everyone in the club.

A further area of concern and vital to the financial health of the club is non-payment of fees, as set out in the Club Code of Conduct. One month in arrears would ordinarily mean the child is taken out of training, however, the club have been very lenient with this and as a result has fee arrears of £1,985. Contact has been made to all parents whose fees are in arrears, and it is hoped that, going forward, this situation will be resolved so that the majority of the club who pay fees to agreed terms, are not subsidising parents who fail to meet their payment obligation.

Anyone who finds themselves still in any arrears by the time of registering their child/children for next season, will not be allowed to register until they have made full and complete payment of outstanding fees.
In the coming year, should there be a non-payment within two weeks of the due date, if contact has not been made the Treasurer with details of payment, a reminder letter of non-payment will be sent. Should fees not be paid after one month, the respective child/children will not be allowed to participate in any club activities until full payment or an arrangement has been approved by the committee.

Lynne will be moving to the SIH, sharing the CPO for Scotland with Rhona Anderson. Lynne will cover Dundee when dealing with a club issue and Rhona will cover Murrayfield. This will also involve advising coaching staff at seminars about Child Protection. The Disclosure, PVG, papers will be dealt with by SIH and once completed and signed off by the club CPO, these will be forwarded to SIH for processing. All Child Protection issues that clubs have had to deal with will need to be recorded with SIH CPO each month.

Register – Starting this season, all clubs must have a register. All players must get their parent/guardian to sign them in and out of the club. Dropping off in the car park is not acceptable and they must be delivered to their age group. 16 and over must have parental consent via a letter to say that they can sign themselves in and out if their parents no longer take them to the club. 18’s and over are not required to have a letter from their parent/guardian. This will ensure that everyone is aware of who is at the rink for health and safety purposes and child protection.

SIH Handbook Update

Each club will receive an SIH Handbook which will be updated for the new season. This will be available on the SIH website.

Belfast Away Games

Last year the club attended Belfast for what they thought was their league away game. Unfortunately, this was overturned by SIH and points were taken back. Belfast have asked the SIH to let clubs attend and have the same rules as other away games within the Scottish League Table. The SIH have asked all clubs for their view. A poll was completed by the club with a 39 in favour and 6 not in favour. The club will advise SIH that it will be attending games, as a club, in Belfast.

Treasurer Update

Last year’s opening balance was £5,000 which looked like we have finished in a worse position. Opening with around £5,000 but closing with around £3,000, but if you look at the minutes from the last AGM there were fees to be returned which had been paid, this meant both opening and closing balances were around £3,000. Fees, this season are just under the ice fees paid out. Over paid fees are to be paid back and this has been calculated within the figures provided. Fundraising and donations were received. The donation was used to help the cost of Belfast for each player who attended. Door fees next season have been agreed at £6 per adult and £2 per child, in line with other clubs.

Alex Stewart questioned why the outstanding fees have been allowed to go on for so long and not been collected?

It was explained that the outstanding fees are people that have consistently promised to make payments each time and have failed to honour their commitment. The time scale of contacting the non-payers and checking if the payment has been received is very time consuming and disproportionate to the treasures other duties, this can then lead up to months’ fees being outstanding.

The Club Secretary added that it is the parent’s/members responsibility to ensure that they make their payments at the appropriate time and that the responsibility remains’ solely with them to act in an honourable manner, and ensure payments are made.

Fixtures Update

The club has had: 34 Home Games, 32 Away Games, 2 Cancelled Games with points retained by the club. There were 6 game dates lost to Edinburgh Capitals and 2 dates for the Rugby. John advised that next year the club is set to lose a further 3 games to Edinburgh Capitals. He advised a solution to this would be to work with the Edinburgh Capitals to get Sunday ice time in advance. Ice time changes by the rink will see Saturday lunch time extended. This could accommodate U16 and U20 games. There will be loss of ice time at the evening session.

If the club is given enough notice of Sunday ice time, the U10s could hold x-ices if this time is not required for league games. Although this is very difficult and cannot be arranged in just three days as getting referees and teams to play is too difficult. John has been given this type of notice in the past for Sunday ice time.

Coaching Update

The Head Coach advised that, as last season, everything has improved. The coaches are coaching better and we now have two coaches in the Scotland set up. Keep the fitness up through the off season and get your children to skating as this will help with their development. This will allow the coaches to develop their hockey skills. Mark Hay has a skating class and this has improved many of the skaters in the club. Nutrition is also key to a good player. Martin Cingel’s wife, Ivana, will be around the rink should you wish to have a chat. Off ice is going well and improving stick handling and fitness.

U10 – Scott Nicol

The U10s won the Dundee Spring Classic which went down to a penalty shoot-out. The players due to go up to the next age group this season, have been developed between both age groups. Scott has had these players playing in the higher age group, U12s, all season and has seen their development over this time. The other players within the U10s have been developing alongside this and he believes this has worked well. 12 x-ices were played and this brought on the younger ones in the team. The U8 players came 3rd in their Dundee Spring Classic. They have had 7 full ice games and the train/play ups have had a further 20 games. Scott advised that most of his team do the skating sessions of Mark Hay and this has improved their skating skills.

U12 – Steve Francey

Steve advised that he knew he had a very small squad and a young team. This was good in some ways but provided a hard season. Training has been good and ice allocation has also, although there is still room for improvement with more ice time. Off ice training has been fantastic with, on average, 20 players each Wednesday and 12-13 during school holidays. Steve is looking to keep this going.

U14 – Daniel Ferguson

Daniel advised that his team did not have a bad season. They came within a goal of winning the league. More has been learnt by not finishing first, and this will give a more determined team going forward. Skating independently is still required as it is easier to coach athletic better skaters. This is the strongest the club has been for a long time and he is happy with how they have performed.

U16 – Callum Hastings

Allan gave the update in Callum’s absence, advising that they have had a good season, finishing 2nd in the league. A lot of the team were new to hockey and seem to be developing quicker alongside those who have been playing for years. Callum is over the moon and recognises the good team spirit that is in the team. Competitiveness and aggression is coming out in the players. The players going up to the U20s have a big jump and they will have to continue to work hard if they want to do well, although believes that this is too big a jump. Callum advised Allan that he couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of players.

U20 – Mark Hay

Mark advised that he pushed the guys really hard from the beginning of the season. The step from U16 to U20 is a big step and he feels he has narrowed that gap with younger players who are able to play up and have experience within this team. Last year’s move ups, are going to have to step up. It was very successful at the start of the season, being high up the league although ended the season 5th.

Dundee Spring Classic – We made it through to the semi finals but unfortunately got knocked out. Sam Wallace Tournament – We beat the hosts, North Ayr, but we lost to a very strong English team.

Off ice was held at the Jack Kane and was successful at the start of the season. The numbers dwindled and we ended up changing the style to roller hockey with full kit and roller blades. This training was for U14, 16 and 20’s with a potential for around 45 kids to attend and averaged around 6 towards the end of the season. Inline skating will be the off ice training for the coming season although the venue might change. Inline gives kids good eye-hand coordination. Should anyone need a lift, or kit, please let Mark know.

Registration Update

The registration days went well. 100 Registered Players, 10 leavers from the sport and 90 Active Players.

Lynne advised that Lesley McLaughlin had stepped down from the committee due to work commitments. The committee got together to help get some money in and urged everyone to get behind this seasons fundraising.

Fees for 2016/17

The fees remain the same for the new season. Registration fees will be decided once SIH have held their meeting and announced their fee.

Coaches & Managers for 2016/17

U 20 – Head Coach – Mark Hay
Assistant Coach – Callum Hastings
Manager – Ian Haddock & Tam Barr

U16 – Head Coach – Daniel Ferguson
Assistant Coach – Stevie Young, Mark Hay
Manager – Andy Holmes & Hamish Simpson

U14 – Head Coach – Steve Francey
Assistant Coach – Dwayne Pascal
Manager – TBA

U12 – Head Coach – Mark Hay
Assistant Coach – Alex Stewart, Martin Cingel & Steve Francey
Manager – Lee Saunders

U10 – Head Coach – Scott Nicol
Assistant Coach – Martin Cingel, Alex Stewart & Mark Hay
Manager – Marc Guerriot & Crerar Adams

Club Goalie Coach – Graham Rodger

Any new members joining as Manager or Coach, please advise Lynne so she can arrange their PVG.

Crerar Adams expressed his concerns over the U12s not having a permanent head coach for consistency in the team. Allan advised that all the coaches would act as the head coach and that this is just a paper exercise required by the SIH.

Election of New Committee

Chairperson – Allan Ward – Proposed by: Gavin Finlayson, Seconded by: Graham Rodger.

Secretary – Emma Craig – Proposed by: Alex Stewart, Seconded by: Steve Francey.

Head Coach – Mark Hay – Proposed by: Russell Robles-Thome, Seconded by: Steve Young.

Fixtures Secretary – Ian Haddock – Proposed by: Mark Hay, Seconded by: Scott Nicol

Treasurer – Russell Robles-Thome – Proposed by: Hamish Simpson, Seconded by: Penelope Ireland.

Registrations Secretary – Lee Saunders – Proposed by: Alex Stewart, Seconded by: Marc Guerriot

Lee Saunders – Proposed by: Alex Stewart, Seconded by: Marc Guerriot – Vote for 29
Marie Deans – Proposed by: Allan Ward, Seconded by: Dwayne Pascal – Vote for 4

Fundraiser – Callum Hastings – Proposed by: Mark Hay, Seconded by: Martin Cingel.

Other Club Positions

Child Protection Officer – John Fraser has taken over as Child Protection Officer. He has a separate email address

Recruitment – Andy Holmes is the current recruitment officer. Steve Francey suggested that this role be done by a younger age group parent in the future.


First Aid Co-Ordinator – Hamish Simpson will take this roll on. A first aid course has been arranged on 20 August. Two first aiders are required for each age group. Lynne suggested that the coaches and managers also try and attend where possible.

Clothing Co-Ordinator – Alison advised that a clothing co-ordinator would be required to run the clothing range at the club as there have been problems with order. Lynne said that Marc and Steve were busy with other things and she did not want them doing too much and perhaps someone else could take this on. Marc advised that the problems were due to the supplier and a new supplier would be sourced and he could still do this job. Alex Stewart suggested a company and will give the details to Marc.


Marc Guerriot advised that last year two players from the Edinburgh Capitals joined the training session. This provided an increase in attendance. He is currently speaking to Scott Neil to continue this in the new season.

The class room was also a success and he would be looking to develop on this for the new season. Lynne advised that he should discuss this with the new committee going forward as they will be holding a coaches and managers meeting at the start of the season.

Marc Guerriot discussed the difficulties with x-ice referees, or the lack thereof. Alex Stewart said that he believes some of the new referees, those who have only done their level one, would be delighted to attend these games. It is currently a higher age group child and Dwayne suggested that perhaps these children wear a referee top. Scott suggested that the older age groups, possibly u16 and u20 do this.

Allan advised that there is a referee course in August if anyone wants to attend. Dwayne suggested that referees attend a coaching seminar to have a discussion with coaches regarding refereeing and coaching views.

Marc Guerriot would like to have tops made up to sell to players for training and games for the u10 and possibly put it out through the whole club. Players can have their name on the tops. Lynne advised that this would be discussed with the new committee, although he would have to be careful not to make them compulsory as you could not expect all parents to pay for them.

Thank you – Gavin Finlayson wished to thank everyone at the club for making him so welcome over the last three years and also for the people who assisted him on the ferry back from Belfast.

First Aid Course Date – Saturday 20 August 2016
SIH AGM Date – 23 July 2016

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